Bear Hunting

We have acquired shares in 2 Bear Management Areas (BMA’s) just north of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  The area is well known for quality bears and we are well known for the quality of our moose hunting and moose camps.  We bring that same dedication and superior tent camps to the bear hunt.  We will provide active baits for each hunter as well as tree ladder stands, you’re welcome to bring your own for custom placement over the baits.  

Choose a 7 day Archery or Rifle hunt.  Combination Archery Bear and Moose hunts can be arranged as well.  Combination hunts would be one week bear and one week moose hunting.   Call for combination rates.   

The hunts will be semi guided with maps and assistance to the hunting areas as well as tracking and retrieving the bear.  The camps include a separate sleeping tent with large Cabbalas cots, a cooking tent that is fully equipped with propane stove and all the cookware.  The camp is powered by a generator for lights, freezer and charging equipment.  There is hot and cold running water for a shower and a sink for doing dishes.  You bring your food, drink, hunting gear, and sleeping bag.


7 day rifle or archer semi guided hunts with accommodation -$1600 US plus tax
7 day DIY bear hunt. Does not include accommodation or guiding – $800 US plus tax

Groups of 4 with hunting for four bears will receive a 10% discount

Party Hunting is allowed:  

  • 2 hunters hunting for one bear – $1200 US each
  • 4 hunters hunting for 3 bears – $1400 US each

You purchase the non-resident bear license by phone or online.

Export permits are $35

$500 deposit required with the remainder due 60 days prior to the hunt.  Deposits are non refundable

Photos from our Bear Hunt