Trip Planning

What to Pack

  • medication (extra if possible in case of weather-related delays getting out of camp)
  • coolers
    Remember that you are allowed a limit of 100 pounds for gear/supplies, anything above this limit will incur additional charges based upon  flight rates.  Be smart when choosing what to bring and try to condense your gear into duffle bags or boxes that can easily be  loaded both on and off the airplane.
  • rods/reels, fishing net are supplied
  • insect repellent/sun screen
  • sleeping bag and pillow (bedding is not provided)
  • towels/face cloth/dish towel
  • toiletries
  • life jacket (mandatory), if you have a favourite, life jackets are supplied at the camp. 
  • filet knife and whet stone
  • clothing/rain gear
  • prescription medication
  • garbage bags (heavy contractor bags/baggies)
  • food/beverages (no bottles, cans only)

Click here for more information of what food/beverages/tobacco products you may bring to Canada 

Before You Leave Home

  • call us a few days in advance of your departure to confirm your arrival date and time as well as balance due.
  • in case of emergency leave a detailed itinerary with our contact numbers, location, and your travel dates with someone at home so that you may be contacted if necessary.
  • be prepared with some Canadian currency for those last minute purchases you may wish to make on your way to camp, you can exchange money at Ryden’s Border Store in Grand Marias, MN, just before you cross the border.
  • children traveling with you (for guidance on what you need go to:

Boating license:  You may take the test online in your home State and it will be recognized in Canada, go to licensing and take the exam.   If you haven’t had a chance to get the boater’s license, you can do a rental boat safety checklist at the Outpost Camp.  The fine for not having either is $250, only the boat operator needs to have a license or rental boat safety checklist with them at all times. 

Fishing Licenses

There are a couple of options for you in regards to obtaining your fishing license.  You may choose to wait until after you’ve crossed the border into Canada, or you can go to the Ministry of Natural Resources website to get your outdoors card and license online or you can call their toll free telephone number.

We recommend the 8 day conservation license, it’s half the price and still allows you to catch and keep 2 fish of each species, and catch and release as many fish as you like.

Once You Arrive at the Camp

  • familiarize yourself with your surroundings.
  • locate where the extra gas is stored/generator building/fish house
  • ensure that cabin has been left as neat and tidy as you would leave it and if it isn’t, document the condition it was left in so that the appropriate measures can be taken to assure that it won’t happen again in the future
  • locate first aid kit in kitchen
  • familiarize yourself with the information contained on the basic operational cards which have been left for you
  • unpack your gear and supplies
  • what are you waiting for?  GO FISHING!!
  • remember that it is illegal in Ontario to consume beer/liquor anywhere other than  at the camp and adjacent land, that means no beer/liquor is to be consumed out on shore lunches or in the boat. 
  • ABSOLUTELY no open beer/liquor out on the boats!

Your Departure

  • Be packed and ready to go on time, but remember, our pilots can only fly if the weather permits and while we understand the desire to get home on time, the safety of our guests and our pilots must take precedence over the inconvenience brought on by poor weather.
  • Ensure that everything that came in with you goes back out with you, that also means that you are asked not to leave any perishable  unused food or beverages behind in either the cupboard or fridge.  Dry goods, can goods or frozen meat may be left if you chose to.
  • Have ALL garbage bagged and ready to go out with you
  • Make sure fish house has been left clean and ready for the next guests
  • The previous two points are imperative to keep the wild bears from destroying the camp and harassing our guests.
  • Have any fish that you are taking out with you packaged in the proper manner. Check the MNR guidelines here.
  • We understand that under normal operation, items do break on occasion so we ask you to let us know if any such breakage has occurred so that we may fix it for the next guest coming in.
  • Wilful damage to the camp and/or camp property will incur an additional expense and will result in criminal charges.

Back at Home

  • We want you to come back as our guest in the future, so please forward your comments and suggestions either via email or give us a call on our toll free line:  1-888-847-0753
  • If there was something about your trip that didn’t make you happy (sorry but we can’t do anything about the weather!), then let us know so we can try to find a resolution
  • If you have any pictures or great stories that you want to share, forward them to us so we can share them with everyone!
  • Consider booking your trip for next year, each group will be offered the first right of refusal for their time slot the following year.  Your early deposit can secure your time slot for next year and make vacation planning a whole lot easier!